The Byre, Inchyra Estate, Glencarse
Perthshire, PH2 7LU, Scotland

Caterers and suppliers for your rustic, relaxed Perthshire wedding

Wedding food of the gods

Our caterers - the perfect partners for your day

The quality of food is of the utmost importance for your wedding. So, in this one respect, we do ask that couples choose from our list of professionals: there are six Approved Caterers in our Wedding Handbook (available to couples booked in at The Byre).

Between them our caterers offer everything from super relaxed rustic food to outstanding fine dining. These companies are on our list because they offer outstanding service, quality and value for money. They and their staff know our catering kitchen and wedding venue inside out.

You'll find whatever style of food you want, from the conventional to the imaginative one caterer even cooks from a vintage field kitchen, which opens up from their classic Land Rover!

And our own, indoor kitchen comes fully equipped, saving you a considerable sum.

Decoration of dreams

Creating the right atmosphere is such an important part of making your wedding your own. All the florists and event stylists we recommend can contribute to this whether it's verdant greenery and pretty petals hanging down from the roof, floodlit trees, or a twinkling enchanting woodland this is your opportunity to express your personality on a canvas stretching across 150 acres.

The Byre Bar - the font of refreshment

Oiling the occasion with the drinks of your choice is an important part of your wedding day and our fabulous bar partners, Hutton Bars, will make sure that your guests are served just as you wish.

With our Byre Bar Service, you can go simple and specify red and white wine, and beer. Or you could go for a full cocktail bar, or an exquisite range of single malt whiskies. There's no end to the possibilities.

Holding your hand through the detail

We're here to help when it comes to the finer details of your wedding. Whether it's recommending our favourite florists or the best cake makers in Scotland, our wedding knowledge is second to none and it's all available to you.