The Byre, Inchyra Estate, Glencarse
Perthshire, PH2 7LU, Scotland

Hi-tech facilities in a lo-tech setting: our contemporary wedding barn

We're proud of our state of the art event technology, which allows us to programme a bespoke lighting scheme in the Byre for every stage of your wedding.


A combination of fairy lights, uplighters, floods and pin spots means that every wedding at Inchyra is lit to perfection. We can even match the lighting to your individual colour scheme. Banks of sound to light dance floor lights mean that you can segue seamlessly from rustic barn dining to nightclub at the touch of a button.

And we haven't forgotten how important the outdoor ambience is either you will find the Byre surrounded by fairy lights outside, and beautifully uplit trees on either side.


A full surround-sound system allows for playlists at every stage and in every space (including different music for the loos!).

Our system also provides perfect sound for speeches: every guest can hear every word.

Event planning technology

Each of our events is planned using technology, too. Our couples are often very busy people, and sometimes do not live in the same time zone as our team. Therefore, we use an online planning system to make sure that your event information is easy to access and up-to-date.

We play gigs at all the wedding venues in Scotland. This one is great and really different. Great staff and a nice cosy feel.
The Ritz Trio