The Byre, Inchyra Estate, Glencarse
Perthshire, PH2 7LU, Scotland

Our heartfelt thanks to so many ....

Today sees the launch of this beautiful new website. We would like to thank all the wonderful people who have worked tirelessly to make it the beautiful thing that it is. Firstly, to the amazing Gail Turpin - we are SO happy we found you. You understood from the very first day not only the enormity of what we needed the website to show, but also how we wanted to show it. Gail's team are the BEST - thank you to Astrid, who has worried at the thing like a terrier with a rat working out how best to make the site do what it needs to do and she has sorted through and chosen photographs from the more than 2,500 that we gave her (yes, really!) and to Jai, the best techie ever. These three people are just fantastic to work with and super super professional.  It has been a joy.  


I would also like to thank Liz Holt for her amazing work making our shoddy words sound more professional - I can write a blog and I know what I want to say on a website but my goodness she's better at being me than I am!   


And then, last but so not least, we would like to thank the beautiful and generous couples and their photographers from last year's weddings who have given us unfettered access to some truly incredible images. The marriage of Inchyra and all of you is truly something 'made in heaven' and we are so pleased that you chose us and that you are now part of our life at Inchyra.


Hope you like it!


xx Caroline